Marketing Lessons Learned from Driving in the Rain

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Yesterday, I was on my way home from Knoxville, TN after having a great time at the Get Motivated Business Seminar. After hearing speeches from Bruce Pearl, Rudy Giuliani, Zig Ziglar, and Gen. Colin Powell, I was in deep thought about how I could make a change in my life that could influence my work and my clients. As I merged on the interstate it started to pour, the cats and dogs kind. People were cramming on their brakes and getting into the slow lanes, I could only see a few feet ahead of me, and we were barely moving. I realized that by riding slowly behind the car in front of me, that not only was my windshield getting pelted by the rain, but my windshield was also getting the slosh from the wheels of the car I was tailgating. When I pulled into the passing lane my visibility increased considerably, and I was able to safely pass everyone cramming on their brakes.

The Point

When the rains come in your business, instead of slowing down the progress you’re making, holding off on the next great thing, and getting in line behind your competitors, you should step out where the visibilities a little better, and see what you can do to make your Unique Selling Proposition resonate with your target audience.

–Re-posted from Crashbox Creative. For a couple years I had the privilege to work with my friend Jonathan Briehl at Crashbox Creative. This is one of the posts written for his blog re-posted here for posterity’s sake —

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