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CA Technologies was looking for a way to playfully connect with it’s employees with an internal program designed to engage customers and improve sales. Working with Launch International, we came up with the concept of a mock infomercial approach. The main character would be an over the top infomercial salesman, the graphics would be on the side of intentionally cheesy, and the motion would be fun, quick, and upbeat. While the idea was infomercial, we wanted to keep it a little classier than most. This piece contains over 50 custom illustrations, 8 custom, fully rigged characters, and tons of fill in motion graphics to keep this 7.5 minute animation moving throughout. Because the content is sensitive and intended to be for CA internal use only, I can’t display the full video on my site. If you’d like a private showing, drop me a note on the contact page I’d be happy to show it to you!