• Illustration of a sight glass on an industrial tank
  • Illustration of a magnetic level float
  • Illustration of simplified control loop on section of pipe
  • Illustration of how an electric actuator operates
  • Illustration of Diaphragm Actuator
  • Simplified Process control loop.
  • Illustration representing 3 tank types. Shows that no matter tank dimension pressure is constant
  • Illustration showing a chemical operator taking a reading in a tank
  • Illustration of a sight glass on an industrial tank

Over the past almost two years now I’ve had the opportunity to work on a very exciting and challenging Flash animation project with Northeast State Community College and Eastman Chemical Company. As the lead designer and illustrator for the project I was tasked with creating technical illustrations of a wide variety of chemical process equipment. The illustrations not only needed to be quite physically accurate, but also needed to be ready to be animated.